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Stacey is a spectacularly excellent producer, bringing to bear an incisive combination of energy, enthusiasm, creativity, maturity, competence, and ambition to succeed. Working diligently to bring her academic credentials commensurate with her life-long skills and wisdom, she readily became one of my top-performing students of all time. In student team projects, she immediately ascended to a leadership role, yet she remains poised and charming and gracious, wearing a mantle of leadership as comfortably as an old robe or a greasy mechanic's jumpsuit. To wit, she is never averse to rolling up her sleeves and plowing industriously into ALL of the hard work. At the same time, she is even-tempered and coachable, receptive to direction, advice, and even blunt, hard criticism. With a smile, she always bounces back from obstacles and adversity with an admirable resolution to improve—and triumph—over each challenging opportunity.
I worked with Stacey for several years.. She handled administrative tasks for several client consultants like me. These tasks included making travel arrangements such as air travel, rental cars, hotel accommodations and conference registrations. She also helped me with programs such as MS Word and PowerPoint. She handled tasks with diligence and cheerfulness. I can recommend Stacey without reservation.
Judy LaBoda