Intro to Fat Little Me

Intro to Fat Little Me

Too chunky? Too tiny? From dancer to mom of four daughters, back to dancer again, this book will skinnify and make healthy some of the recipes that are my favorites, show how I’ve dealt with a few food allergies, and basically take the readers through ups and downs of a Size 14 to a 0 to trying to be happy at a 6. Realizing though, it isn’t size, it’s health.

I’m in the midst of writing this book, and it likely will be the last of the four to be completed.

Yes, “Fat Little Me.” You Read That Correctly.

If any of you have been following my crazy bloggy world, I am in the midst of four cookbooks; every one of them in different stages of writing and editing.

Here is a Recap:

“Yes, We Ate Turtle” has already been published, and now I am in the midst of a revised edition to add a few family members we missed the first go ’round. This book has been a collaboration of love for my Dad’s side of the family. I have 24 first cousins! It has lots of crazy Polish and German recipes, from lots of crazy and amazing people. And YES, we ate turtle.

“The Barker Bites” is my first ebook project, and this is in loving dedication to my Grandma Barker, and my MOM’S side of the family. It’s more of the city side. I am kind of a Green Acres kid. The country boy marries the city girl, and viola, they get a daughter who likes to write cookbooks. Or something like that. Anyway, watch this one unfold before your eyes as well.

“Generations” is a third book  I’m working on, and curiously enough, is the first one I started.

I started this in third grade, and I am not kidding you. It’s become like sourdough starter at this point, but again, stay tuned. This has been focused a bit more on immediate family, which in third grade was pretty much just me, Mom, Dad, my sister Kris, and our parakeet Tweeti. He was not a solid contributor.

However, “Fat Little Me” is the most personal of all of these to me. I am going to be brutally honest about my struggles, and since I haven’t actually “written” this book yet, a lot of this stuff is going to come out as I am led to talk about it.

Can You Relate?

I’m probably a lot like you in many ways. I have been through about every diet out there, starting involuntarily somewhere around  eighth grade. I remember it involving buttered Rye Krisp. Yuck.

As a matter of fact, I still have some of the old books I used for dieting reference, and I laugh and cry at some of the fads we went through. The common thread for me through all of years was that I was up moving, whether it be dancing, swimming, or chasing four little girls around.

But in “Fat Little Me”, I will include recipes from a few phases and feature gluten-free, Keto, etc. and try to specify what I was doing (and thinking!) at the the time.

Because of my ongoing struggle with hypoglycemia, extreme carb restriction has not been my friend. It’s caused all kinds of issues from insomnia to stress to lack of energy. I do have some great Keto recipes in here, though, because, wow, I gave that a whirl! The Creamy Keto Reuben Soup will change your life. I am not kidding.

Thousands upon thousands of books have been written about EVERY subject I am going to talk about in “Fat Little Me.” I am an expert in none of them. All I know is what I have experienced as a human being:

A daughter. A sister. A friend. An enemy. A graduate. An athlete. A dancer. A girlfriend. A wife. A mother. An ex-wife. A sinner.

Fat little me.

A child of God.

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