McDonald Stewart

Stacey is a spectacularly excellent producer, bringing to bear an incisive combination of energy, enthusiasm, creativity, maturity, competence, and ambition to succeed. Working diligently to bring her academic credentials commensurate with her life-long skills and wisdom, she readily became one of my top-performing students of all time. In student team projects, she immediately ascended to a leadership role, yet she remains poised and charming and gracious, wearing a mantle of leadership as comfortably as an old robe or a greasy mechanic’s jumpsuit. To wit, she is never averse to rolling up her sleeves and plowing industriously into ALL of the hard work. At the same time, she is even-tempered and coachable, receptive to direction, advice, and even blunt, hard criticism. With a smile, she always bounces back from obstacles and adversity with an admirable resolution to improve—and triumph—over each challenging opportunity.

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