Pepperoni Calzone

  I took some basics from the Buca di Beppo calzone recipe, but used my own pizza sauce and pizza dough recipes. This was SO tasty! The crust actually turned out crunchier than when I make pizza. I did pepperoni in this simple recipe, but feel free to stuff this "angry pizza" with your favorite […]

Spicy Korean Bulgogi

Spicy Korean Bulgogi

One of my favorite things to do when I visit a new area, whether it be another city or country, is check out the grocery store. There is always so much to learn! This passion really came to fruition when a friend of mine, David A. Williams, came to town for a photography conference, and […]

Southern Fried Chicken

  Fried chicken has always been a food I've wanted to conquer in the kitchen. Being a Minnesota girl, who really only experienced southern fried chicken in a restaurant, I didn't have much mentorship on this one. I learned a couple things: using a thermometer is critical to getting the right crisp, and buttermilk makes […]

5 Cheese Lasagna

I love it when lasagna tastes like a pizza, which is why I created this recipe. Feel free to substitute ingredients. Not everyone is as obsessed with olives as I am!