swedish meatballs

Swedish Meatballs

  No holiday party seemed complete without slipping a crockpot of these lovely little things in the door. As a child, I preferred anything barbecue-flavored over anything in gravy, but as I got older, I grew to appreciate the Swedish meatball heritage a little more. They definitely are popular in the midwest, and while I […]

Ring Around the Cookie

Grandma Barker used to love how easy these were, and how pretty they are! I always loved that we could make a log of sugar cookie dough, and slice and bake them as needed. They are very buttery, so taste more like a sliced shortbread than a sugar cookie.

lemon drop cookies

Lemon Drop Cookies

  Whether it be lemon donuts, lemon bars, lemon cake, Grandma Barker loved lemon anything as much as I did. I always loved trying new recipes,and this one I tried, Christmas 1984, in what turned out to be her last Christmas. I will never forget her tasting them, and saying, “ I never thought I […]

Toffee Bars

I loved how the house smelled when my Mom baked these at Christmas time. I still remember her smoothing out the chocolate, and absolutely loved that after she cut them, she let Kris and I eat the edges right out of the pan.

Asian Chicken Wings

  My cousin, David LaRue, served these at his house when he hosted Thanksgiving. It was our favorite appetizer! These were so tasty, they didn't leave much room for the Thanksgiving turkey, but as a kid, I wasn't too worried about it.