Bierwerks Home Away From Home

As I sit in this little hometown beer pub, I feel a bit guilty I haven’t written about it before now. I moved up to Woodland Park from Colorado Springs this past June, and while feeling a bit of a stranger so close to home, this place has managed to hug me.

It is a little place known as “Bierwerks,” and while some people moan about it “only serving bratwurst” this place doesn’t boast it’s food. It boasts its people. It has them! Locals gather here, and tourists can’t help but stop when they see the happy people gathered outside under the umbrellas or the musky campfire. We roast s’mores here. Kids come here and play Jenga. In the summertime, we have side trucks of pizza and smoked meats.

Sometimes Anna and I get up and sing. I keep telling her we are going to write “Food Truck: The Musical” some day.

Almost Everyone in Woodland Park and quite a few cities going up and down Hwy 24 know Bierwerks, and their hugs.

Food Truck: The Musical

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