Birthday Memories

In this section, I wanted to fondly recall all the birthday memories I have of my family’s birthdays. Their favorite foods, types of cake, most fun gift, etc.

But as a child, the only birthday I remember, well, is mine. That sounds terrible, but I’m being brutally honest. I had to do a little more research for this part of the story than any other.

I remember EATING cake and ice-cream at all of those birthdays. Believe me, if there wasn’t cake and ice-cream at someone’s birthday, I would be recalling that here, in vivid detail, and I would name names.

But back to me.birthday memories The Barker Bites

Devil in Disguise

One very early memory I do have of any kind of cake, birthday or no, involves my cousin Dave. He showed me how to sneak buttercream flowers off of cakes, and then smoothing over the frosting to hide it. My first memory doing this  was him lifting me off the ground, so I know I started early!

Nonetheless, since the day I first discovered it, Angel Food Cake was favorite. Springy, bouncy and happy, it seemed to be a cake with a sense of humor. It kicked back, and I liked that.

Now think about it for a second, have you ever watched anyone cut into an angel food cake and exclaim, “wow, I have never had such a lovely experience cutting cake! Bob, did you sharpen this knife just to surprise me? Everyone! Come see how easy it is to slice this cake!”

Usually it’s the exact opposite.

Aunt Martha goes in, smuggishly confident, sharpened blade in hand.

This woman is 75 and has cut through this rubbery, bounce-back territory before.

Not seven minutes later, dear Aunt Martha has her heel on the table, cursing ,“you sticky frosting covered piece of upholstery.”

what kid doesn’t look forward to that every year?

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