My Nephew Georg

Okay, so my nephew’s name is not REALLY Georg.

It’s Ranger Rick.

Okay, so it’s not REALLY Ranger Rick.

It’s Andrew.

Andrew Louise Jacobson. (oh he is gonna punch me.)

Anyway! I call him Georg as he had the lead in Zimmerman High School’s “The Sound of Music” this past weekend. It was absolutely fabulous!


My apologies to anyone else who actually wanted to see the show on Saturday evening, as I think Drewski’s (another nickname) family took up most of the seating. My apologies AGAIN to anyone who wanted to actually HEAR the next day, as I believe that was Georg’s mother with all the air horns in her multiple hands.

I actually did manage to get a few pictures, despite my blubbering and snorting tears back, especially during Ranger’s heartfelt guitar strumming of “Edelweiss.”

Awesome job everybody!


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