Chokecherry Liqueur



Chokecherry Liqueur

I used to love my Grandma's chokecherry jam. When my dad planted chokecherry bushes in our backyard, I was so excited I could scream (or should i say choke?) Those things were NOT meant to be eaten raw. I loved them in jam, and Aunt Bea has a great liqueur recipe to use these unfriendly berries in as well.

Course Drinks
Author Bea Laumeyer


  • 1 quart gin
  • 1 quart chokecherries
  • 1 quart sugar


  1. Mix in gallon jar and shake every day for 40 days.

  2. Strain seeds and skin.  It's ready!

Recipe Notes

We made a lot of things from Chokecherries, but then again, we made a lot of things into liqueur (or wine!) so this combo isn’t too bad!


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