cuke a pickles

Whether you call them Cuke-a-Pickles, or Half-Sours, my favorite word for them is “NUMMY.”
Heralding from a Polish/German background, it was inevitable that I was going to be a “pickler” at some stage in my life. My Dad makes the finest baby dills around, and HIS Mom would pickle anything that stood still long enough. Ask my Uncle Dennis (oh wait, whole ‘nuther story.)

Several years ago, while visiting “Ted’s Montana Grill” in Colorado Springs, I got hooked on the little crispy half cukes -half pickles they bring to the table they way others serve chips and salsa. Long after the entrees were brought out, I would keep asking for refills. The crunchy fresh taste became a new passion.

I have searched for a similar recipe AND the courage to try it at home. After finding one, I adapted it to the flavors I love so well.
They were a little extra special this year, as I grew the green onions, dill, and cukes on my patio garden.
Give them a try, you will love them!!!!

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