Dad’s Walleye

Dad’s Walleye

Being a Minnesota girl, I grew up with a fishing pole in my hand. Not only were we taught how to bait our own hooks, but taught how to catch our own bait as well! (To this day I am not a big fan of gummy worms.) Times spent in the sun, on the lake, were always special. The smell of gasoline, feel of sunshine and sight of a bouncing bobber were some of the best senses ever. My Dad loves to fish. And fish, and fish. I think he simply likes the serenity of the water. So once did these Walleye.


  • Fresh caught Walleye
  • Flour
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Crisco


  1. Clean fish and cut into small pieces.
  2. Rinse thoroughly, pat dry.
  3. In a plastic bag, put a cup or so of flour, salt and pepper (quantity will depend on how much fish you have.)
  4. Shake it up, then add fish to bag, and shake until well coated.
  5. Fry in a hot, cast iron skillet with about 1 inch Crisco Shortening.
  6. Serve with Mom’s Tartar Sauce

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