Wintertime in Minneapolis

To love wintertime in Minneapolis, one must learn how to love the snow and cold. It was never my favorite season, as it seemed like it lasted forever. I would count the days until Daylight Savings Time and Easter. As a kid, Lent was more of a countdown to Easter morning than it was about anything worshipful, despite attending Wednesday services and the awesome Lutheran church basement potlucks.

Grand Barker wintertime in MinneapolisAfter Sunday School, my sister and I would hurry through the church parking lot and around the corner to meet our parents, grandparents, and a few others at Skylane’s Bowling Alley. The sloppy joes were so good we had to get the recipe.

I used to love watching “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” as she seemed to make wintertime in Minneapolis look so fashionable. But she never had snow on her boots! Maybe Rhoda did.

When we weren’t ice-skating, or building atomic igloos in the front yard, Kris and I spent time at the Barker house. Grandma’s winter food was a wonderful comfort, and grandpa wasn’t so bad in the kitchen either! We almost dreaded hearing the crunchy snow under the tires as our parents came to retrieve us from our days of fun.

The only thing better than wintertime in Minneapolis is Spring. Or Fall. Or Summer.

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