Wow, She’s Really Let Herself Go

In getting back to blogging after a longer than expected break, I decided that the “Fat Little Me” section is the perfect spot for the airing of all my dieting grievances. More on that at another time. Once again, I find myself in the midst of the “need to lose 30 lbs” conundrum. And by […]

Italian Parmesan Chicken

  A nice, Keto-friendly recipe that is super easy to make. If you like, add nutritional yeast for extra zip. I love this by itself, but it also really tasty chopped up for a salad.

Cheesy Keto Kraut Burgers

  When I do Keto, I tend to eat a lot of hamburger, so I'm always looking for ways to cook it. My favorite will always be a burger on the grill, but as I am typing this today, it is a chilly, rainy, Colorado June day. This recipe features the wonderfood, sauerkraut, as well […]