Cucumber Sandwiches

  When I got married in 1984, I had about 5 wedding showers. With the exception of one my high school friends had thrown for me (hey, I was 19!) my Grandma Barker attended each and every one.And to every shower, she would bring a plate of her lovely cucumber sandwiches. She took great care […]

French Dressing

I've never loved this, to be honest! A typical Minnesota salad when I was growing up was iceberg lettuce and French dressing shaken together in a Tupperware container until the lettuce was thickly coated and bruised. It was often shaken out into individual salad bowls before the meal, so it had plenty of time to […]

The Absolute Best Turkey Salad on the Planet

Some of my favorite memories, with both the Lutheran churches and schools, were the Springtime events. This salad, in all its yummy crunchiness was the highlight at every wedding, baby shower and fashion show. It has the incredible combination of sweet and salty, as well as a variety of palatable textures. It has the power […]


Springtime in Minnesota Ah.. nothing better than Springtime in Minnesota when you are a little kid. Except maybe for Summer. But we’ll get to that a little later. I would love to feel the balmy 42 degree March sunshine on my face. It was a time of being able to unzip the snorkel jacket down […]